Dead by Daylight – The Survival Instinct

What is Dead By Daylight about?

Dead By Daylight is a 4 versus 1 multiplayer game that sets one killer against four would-be survivors. You make the choice as to whether you want to kill or try to survive, after which you are placed in a match group to begin. The killer spends the match hunting down the survivors and trying to impale them on one of the many hooks around the game area. The survivors must avoid and outsmart the killer as they repair generators dotted about the map. Once five generators have been fixed, they can then open the exit and escape.

This article will focus on the surviving aspect of the game as this is my personal favourite.

Survive the night – anatomy of a survivor’s match

As one of four survivors, you will be placed in a random place in the randomly generated game area. The game area is pretty big, but it never ceases to feel claustrophobic. You are all locked within this area and must power up five generators in order to give power to the exit gates.

Generators are easily spotted as they have tall poles with broken lights at the top. Fixing the generators is done by holding R1 for what will seem like forever. However, every few seconds or so you may trigger a random skill check. A skill check is a small quick time event where you must hit L1 at the right time as a pointer moves around an on-screen dial. A small portion of that dial is highlighted and you must tap L1 when the pointer passes through it. Failing this will cause a bang, alerting the Killer to your whereabouts. Succeeding will give you bonus blood points.

Once all five generators are fixed the exit gates will be given power. You must then get to one of the gates and hold R1 at the gate switch in order open it. There are no skill checks for the exit gate but the gate does make one hell of a noise. One of the most excruciating experiences in Dead By Daylight is when you get to the exit gate, are half way through opening it, and all of a sudden the killer’s heartbeat begins beating loudly in your ears.

Falling victim to the Trapper
Falling victim to the Trapper

You are always rewarded for your actions

Generator in Dead By Daylight
Generators in Dead By Daylight can be hard to see for the untrained eye.

Even if you killed, you will still be rewarded blood points for all of your actions in the match. Of course you will get more for surviving, but pretty much every action you perform in the game will reward you with progression points.

You are given blood points for many actions throughout each match:

  • Repairing generators.
  • Correctly hitting the skill checks.
  • Healing your team mates.
  • Reuniting with you team mates across the game area.
  • escaping the killer’s terror radius after being in it (You will hear the killer’s heart beat when you are within it).
  • Keeping yourself alive when impaled on a hook.
The Bloodweb
The Bloodweb allows you to spend blood points for your character’s progression.

These blood points can then be spent on the game’s progression table. This table, known as the Bloodweb, is where you choose which items and skills to purchase for your character. Once the Bloodweb is finished you will advance to the next level. In later levels you wont be able to buy all items on the Bloodweb. Instead something called the entity will take one away with each of your choices. So your Bloodweb choices become more strategic later on.

It’s all about tactics

If the killer spots you and you simply try and outrun him / her, you’re going to die. What you need to learn instead, is how to use the environment to your advantage. Granted, this will take some time and learning the hard way, but there are certain things to know to try and maximise your life expectancy.

Firstly, crouching is king for me. I never stand out in the open – only when I’m behind a tree and even then I’ll probably be crouching. This just means there is less of you to be seen by the killer. Also worth remembering is that survivors play from a 3rd person perspective – so you can peek around corners and over walls without stepping out. The killer, however, has a 1st person perspective – so they are limited to what is directly in front of them. There have been many times when the killer has walked right past me with nothing between us and simply not seen me. Oh – and I was crouching too.

Meg walking lightly on Coldwind Farm
Meg walking lightly on Coldwind Farm

Also keep the noise down. Sprinting and vaulting through windows fast will make noise that the killer can hear. Try to only sprint when you know the killer is far away from you. Lockers are also spread around the map that you can hide in. Be advised though – lockers can be searched and there’s no escape if the killer pulls you out. Be careful not to stay in the same place too long as well. If you decide to remain still, crows will start circling above your head again helping to point out your location to the killer.

There are a couple of ways to defend yourself if you find your self being pursued. Flashlights can be taken into the game and even found in chests hidden on the map. These flashlights can be used to shine into the killer’s face and stun them. I have found this a bit hit and miss for me. However, when I play as Killer, works really well against me – I guess it comes down to practice like all things in this game. You can also pull down wooden pallets as you run past them to block the killer behind you, and potentially stun them. The killer will have to either find another way around to you, allowing you more time to hide; or break it up, which will take precious time for him / her.

In Summary

When I first started playing this game on Steam I was so scared being a survivor. The close-quarter nature of the game and the array of blind corners through out, coupled with no knowledge of the game’s mechanics, made for a terrifying experience. However, I find it to be more and more fun with each match, now that I have gotten used to the game.

I actually re-bought the game on PS4 and now find it even more fun. My tactic is pretty much crouch everywhere and holding L2 is a hell of a lot more comfortable than holding the shift key with my little finger.

The scares never really go away, but they were definitely reduced for me to a more comfortable playing level as time went on.

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