The house always wins

Let me preface this post with a message: I am not advising you to gamble here whatsoever. Obviously if you can afford the loss and fancy a game, the best of luck to you. But in the end the house always wins.

I have recently been getting into Matched Betting. Matched betting is a system of unlocking and extracting the free bet offers given by every bookmakers under the sun. I won’t outline the method here but Matched Betting is NOT gambling due to the fact you always lay your bet to break even. (You gain the money from breaking even on the free offer)

As a result of my matched betting I ended up with £65 of my earnings in my account at SkyBet.

With this money I thought I would have a little go on the live roulette. I’d never played proper roulette before so thought I’d give it a whirl.

As it turned out by betting small each time, I managed to bring my balance from my £65 starting up to £199.50!!! However I fell victim to the gambler’s falacy and bet £25 on black after a long streak of red.

It came up red again – I lost £25.

I repeated (the house limit was £25) – it came up red again. Now £50 gone.

To cut a long story short, I dropped my balance down to £35!!! That’s £30 lower than I’d started with. I was greedy and should have stayed on my top level.

Luckily for me, when betting small again for an hour, I managed to work back up to £150.60. And that’s where I’m gonna keep it. I’m already £79.40 up on my balance and so should just stay ahead.

The feeling of the ball bouncing around the table before it settles is such a gut-wrenching feeling. When I first started having a play for fun it felt like just that – a bit of fun, but the more I played the more I found myself trying to analyse the order of previous results. Of course there is no analysis – it’s a random result each time that is always tipped in the house’s favour.

Next Day

I stupidly thought I’d have another little go and try my luck. My balance dropped to 10p. I was gutted to say the least – can’t help but think of what I would do with that extra money. I have to keep reminding myself that all of the money was out of Matched Betting and I am still £135 up overall with it all.

I guess this is the best way of learning this lesson; with free money I’d earned from Matched Betting as opposed to using my own money.

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