There Is No Love In Rust – 7 Pieces Of Advice For New Players

There Is No Love In Rust – 7 Pieces Of Advice For New Players 23rd August 2016Leave a comment

If there is one thing I have learnt in my opening days of this game, it is that there is no love in rust. Initially I found myself getting really frustrated with the game. I would try time and again, to find a nice little home area, before getting slaughtered by someone.

With the idea of helping fellow noobs out like myself, I have shared some ideas and tips that I have picked up so far.

Start chopping and mining straight away

Start gathering rocks and wood straight away.

A big part of Rust’s game mechanics work around the concept of levelling up and earning XP currency. These two points are the only things you will retain when you die. And die you shall.

As such you should start knocking away at any trees and rock mining nodes as soon as you see them.

Don’t make the mistake I first did by walking off and looking for “The Perfect Place” for your home. You wont actually be able to make much until you go up a couple of levels any way.

So get that rock out and start hitting stuff!

You will never find the perfect place for your home

The fact that Rust is completely open, means that at some time or another someone will walk past your home. However, that being said, there are a few tips that I have picked up that have helped me so far.

  1. Try and build between rocks and foliage in order to minimise your home’s visibility.
  2. Don’t go more than one level high.
  3. Don’t build near the game’s static locations, such as Radiation Towns; Domes; Airfields etc.
  4. The smaller the better. My first home was two spaces by three spaces. Whilst not giving much floor space, it did mean I could upgrade my home’s material relatively cheaply.

My First Home In Rust

Don’t get too attached to your home base

Rust is a brutal game, as brutal on your feelings as it is when someone takes a hatchet to your face. The truth is, is that you probably will get raided at some point, if only for fun. For this reason I urge you to not get too attached to your base.

If you make your home really weak, people may just destroy it as they wander past. On the other hand if you try to really fortify it people will see that as a challenge and most likely target you. Either way you will be dying in your sleep – in the game of course.

Embrace the true nature of the game

The true nature, and the overall goal of the game, is to survive. Whether that be from other players hell-bent on world domination, or a wandering bear in the woods. I treat every game of rust as a chance to beat my last length of time in staying alive. Don’t judge your progression on the size of your base or the strength of your weapons. This goes back to my previous point of not getting too attached to your home.

Try and think more about your survival rather than other players’ demise.

Don’t be afraid to explore

Second to the games core idea of survival, exploration is a close second in my opinion. In fact just today I found a small collection of buildings and a ladder into a hole in the ground. This ladder led into a sewer system that I had no idea was in the game. In the sewer there were many boxes to open, both medicinal and weapons.

Exploring The Dome In RustI also have a fondness for the derelict airstrips that you can sometimes find. These are huge areas of hangers, flight centre and a very long airstrip running between.

Of course these places not only hold barrels and boxes of special items, but they also attract many people to explore them.

That being said, don’t be afraid to get out there and explore the world.

Take advantage of Rust Maps

If you head over to you can search for the server map for the one that you are on. Each map is unique but by running around your spawn area you can sometimes find your rough location on the map. Finding a special location like the airstrip or a dome will help in orienteering your way around.

Some of the maps even have a live location tracker for yourself built in, if you sign in with your steam account. Unfortunately procedurally generated maps don’t have this feature.

Trust no-one

As Fox Mulder once said, you should indeed “Trust No-One”. If you see a naked man with a rock running to you crouching, don’t trust him.Getting offered free weapons if you meet someone out on the road? Don’t trust them. See a guy in full armour with a gun running towards you in the distance? Definitely don’t trust them.

Almost every one in rust is out to get you. This isn’t being paranoid; it’s simply the nature of the game. Everyone is out to survive, plain and simple, and people would love to see what supplies they can salvage from you. After all, there is no love in Rust.

My Naked Rust Corpse

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