The New Thirty Three

For the past seven or eight months or so I’ve been writing on a website I also built, called The New Thirty Three. I built it a while back and have only recently started writing more often on it.

I am now trying to put together a planned release scheduled for future reviews as well as future interviews.


When I say reviews, what I really mean is recommendations. I am only writing about artists and albums that I actually like. As opposed to trying to review everything, whether I like it or not.

One thing I will never have on there is a scoring system. Scores given to albums like “7.9” are absolute bollocks. I’m sorry but they are. Ladyhawke’s latest album, “Wild Things”, got a score of “5.7” – presumably out of “10”. What a load of rubbish. That album is one of my favourite albums this year, and indeed in recent times, and no-one is gonna tell me it’s halfway up someone’s “scale of goodness”.


I have a couple of interviews lined up, which I’m really excited about. You can read past interviews I’ve already done.

When I do an interview, I send the artist a set of about 17 questions – after asking them of course – then paste those questions and answers into an interview post. Because they are question and answer, as opposed to conversational, they tend to be the same – or very similar – questions for each person.

The Future

I have started talking with people in PR firms who work with some of my favourite artists and have even had people approach me to do reviews. This is really exciting for me and hope I don’t let them down at all.

I would like to see the website move to a full-time commitment and income within the next couple of years or so. I really enjoy listening to new music and love the challenge of writing about the ones I like. Even though before each review I write I always get the fear of repeating myself.



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